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Ah! I am so happy that I found this web site. I am finishing my last semester for my Masters in Art Education. I was searching all over for Froebel and this site saved me! Now . . . I just have to pretend I am him and make a lesson plan! THANKS! Jacqueline USA

Your site was very well organized and was a wonderful resourse of information on Froebel. CJ Cosner

Congratulations on starting the Friedrich Froebel webring. It's great working with you. Claudia

I find your site very interesting. I put your url in my homepage about education, technologies, and nature.

I'm so happy to have found you! I can't believe I haven't searched sooner! I'm a Froebel convert, and so are others I have shared the book Inventing Kindergarten with. A good friend introduced me to the book. I teach German to young children and was a regular classroom teacher for years. I want to spread the word about Froebel and his teachings. Lillie Kate Webb

Your page on Johannes Itten and the Bauhaus was so interesting to read, I`m going to use it when I teach. Johannes Itten's theory of color is one of our main subjects at the college. Maybe it`s because he was trained an Froebel educator that he developed a theory that is so easy to teach, so logical and with an understandable progression? Nina Scott Frisch, Norway

I am interested in the Froebel concept of education. I am now a grandmother had I known more when my son was small, I would have investigated more at that time. What I could not offer my son, I would like to offer my grandson!

There is excellent information available on this site.

In doing some web research on Froebel after seeing that great book by Norman Brosterman, I came across your site. Wow. I am putting together a small piece on Froebel on my education website and I'd like to point people to Froebel Web - it is such a great resource. Inventing Kindergarten blew me away. Froebel's work was so visionary. And as you or someone in your site mentions, his approach is very relevant today with its emphasis on play, sensitivity to nature, etc. I had no idea of his influence on people like Wright, and other artists. That's a great story about Wright's mother buying the blocks.

Just want to say hi! to all other Froebels. Have been working on getting my Froebel family web page, setup, but it is going very slow. Will be back here again soon (I hope) Love to all. Herbert H Froebel

My wife is doing a research on Fridrich Froebel for her teacher traning course and wanted some details about him, his life style and method. Jimmy Tangree, India.

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