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a selection of recent publications about Froebel and Kindergarten

"Let us Live for our Children: Kindergarten Movements in Germany and the United States, 1840-1914," History of Education Quarterly 28 (Spring, 1988): 23-48.

"Gardens of Children, Gardens of God: Kindergartens and Day-Care Centers in Nineteenth-Century Germany," Journal of Social History 19 (Spring, 1986): 433-50.

"Spiritual Motherhood: German Feminists and the Kindergarten Movement, 1840-1911," History of Education Quarterly 22 (Fall, 1982): 319-340.

"Revising Froebel: English revisionist Froebelians and the schooling of the urban poor" in Practical Visionaries: Women, Education and Social Progress 1790-1930, Hilton, M. and Hirsch, P. (Eds.)

a bibliography of early Froebel writings

quotes from The Education of Man by Friedrich Froebel

Menschenerziehung, 1826
Friedrich Froebel's classic "The Education of Man" edited by Jeffrey Stern and published in 1996

Mutter Und Kose Lieder: 1844 Edition
edited by Jeffrey Stern and published in 1996

Practical Guide to the English Kindergarten: 1858 Edition
F. Froebel J. Ronge B. Ronge with and introduction by Jeffrey Stern published 1996

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Froebel Kindergarten
Jeanne Spielman Rubin published 1999

Inventing Kindergarten
by Norman Brosterman, Kiyoshi Togashi (Photographer)

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