Karl August Varnhagen von Ense: Diaries. 14 vols. Hg. v. Ludmilla Assing. Leipzig / Zuerich / Hamburg 1861-1880

a preliminary translation into English of this text in German

vol. 7, Zurich: Meyer & Zeller 1865

p. 114 Thursday 28 March 1850th [... ] Mrs. Bertha von Marenholtz came (born von Buelow) and carried themselves forward in more highly educated, more flowing, itself sometimes rushing into language the educating impacts from Froebel.

p. 116f. Saturday, 30 March of 1850th [... ] late came Mrs. von Marenholtz, who had sent me again an impact of Froebel things. It remained for me over two hours, said much property, read some own one forwards, asked much for Rahel, and the book with good sense took up.

p. 119 Easter Monday 1. April 1850. [...] came in the afternoon Mrs. von Marenholtz. Furthermore it brought many Froebel apparatus also, and explained, also admirablly special customer and talent the application and meaning of the things. True detention instructively. Afterwards it spoke about contents of our time, about revolution, reaction etc. with such free sense, at the same time with such insight and clarity that we had astonishment.

vol. 8, Zurich: Meyer & Zeller 1865

p. 311ff. (journey to Liebenstein) Tuesday, 26. August 1851. [...] in the afternoon travel to Marienthal to Friedrich Froebel. The training kindergarten teachers were in front of the house; Singing: " want you to know, how the farmer sows his oats? See so in such a way, see so in such a way, sae't the farmer its oats probably out." Froebel, seventy-year old, fully spirit and fire, welcomes us, and explains his method of education. The remarkable thing to it is moderated by the characteristic of the man, which is thing well and understandably, and will prosper, with or without its name. It was very excited by even the prohibition of its kindergartens appeared in Prussia, which is based on bare mistake of its name with that its nephew, and only the raw stupidity of the Secretary of cultural affairs of Raumer makes obvious. I troeste it thereby that pursuit will lift its things, particularly so stupid, groundless. Mrs. von Marenholtz speaks in same sense. The man is a type Pestalozzi, lives and web in his thing - [... ]

Liebenstein, Thursday, den 28. August 1851. [...] evening came Froebel, and held for us its strange lectures again. He gave me one of his writings -

Liebenstein, Friday, 29. August 1851. This day was intended for the departure; we made however still some Spazirgaenge, then a ride on donkeys to Liebenstein castle, and visited then the kindergarten in places, for that by the eagerness of the Mrs. von Marenholtz and the support of the countess IDA here based. We watched the plays and exercises of the farmer children over one hour. The spirit and sense must work through raw material, are in the kindergarten and in the people fates. Early protruding of the characteristic made itself remarkably perceptible, a four years old otherwise stupid girl pushed itself as constituted Kokette forwards, it noticed which one wanted, had that fast had seized, and knew the applause like a right to request; the other children and even the teacher detected their right also automatically on, and put them forward. I praised the teacher because of their diligence and made for it a small gift by Mrs. von Marenholtz - [...]

Saturday, 30. August 1851. [...] the whole stay had me particularly probably-pleases, best of all places, which we so far visits. The attraction of the acquaintance Froebel's participated in it much; in addition, the position of the house, close the walks, the comfortable union of humans.

p. 327ff. Wednesday, den 10. September 1851. [...] the stupide Minister of Raumer has an instruction against the kindergartens issues, appointing itself to a book by Karl Froebel. It mistakes Friedrich and Karl Froebel. One uncovers the Irrthum in vain, however; the cattle of Minister do not want to have erred, it remain with that prohibitions. Diesterweg and the " national newspaper " speak with strong serious one, " Kladderadatsch " with sharp Hohn, but it remains thereby - that Raumer is cattle! The " new Prussian newspaper ", to used meanness, applauds applause - in Saxonia and Baiern one beeifert oneself, it the stupiden Prussian Minister nachzuthun. - [... ] the " national newspaper " splendid articles in this time supplied, e.g. [... ] NO. 411. Prohibition of the Froebel kindergartens.

p. 354 Monday, 29. September 1851. reports [... ] the " new Prussian newspaper ", Froebel's request around correction of the Irrthums that the ministry for education and cultural it and its nephew is for the same person held, remained unconsidered to add and has the Schamlosigkeit: " and also the right!" Whether it gave probably ever a meaner, a dirtier page? [... ]

p. 366 Wednesday, 8. October 1851. [...] report over Froebel and acknowledgment of his services by a meeting of paedagogues, who examined its thing. In the " national newspaper ", with all name signatures. Slap for the Minister of Raumer, its stupidity must bring still use to the Froebel thing - [...]

vol. 9 Hamburg: Hoffmann & Campe 1868 p. 46 Saturday, 31 January 1852 [... ] evening came Mrs. von Marenholtz and had several urgent requests; an essay of the hannoeverschen newspaper is to be brought into local, but into no democratic, since this would only harm the thing Froebel's; a collection is suggested, the purpose has for Froebel's old days to provide. Everything unthunlich, impracticably! Here such collections are forbidden, the police must them permit, that even become them in this case not thun. It is nothing at all with enterprises, which must be interspersed against wind and weather, one attained usually nothing and sacrifices tremendously much; with favorable circumstances everything takes place quite easily and like automatically. In the summer one does not have to want to run ice skate. Froebel is to teach and drive its thing personally so well it can, but not require, she is to come now directly completely to the break-through and triumph Irish, so that he still see it. Its pupils and trailers tempt him to requirements and hopes, which do not fulfill themselves

p. 119 Wednesday, 17. March 1852. [...] the stupide Minister of Raumer leaves to the Zusammenhange of the Froebel' kindergartens with the free municipalities to investigate and it will find! By such cattle of stupidity one governs! -

p. 240 Thursday, 3 June 1852. [... ] from Hamburg arrived Ms Anna Koppe and Ms von Meysenbug, who were both there in the university for women, here, to establish in the good opinion here Froebel' kindergartens. For the Secretary of cultural affairs is like Jakobiner and Guillotine! The police was two Ms equal on the neck, particularly Ms von Meysenbug, from who one took away all their papers, all, all - calculations such as diaries, language exercises such as Briefschaften - mercilessly, and her then proved. In addition, it returned to Hamburg, wants not to remain there, but go to England. Ms Koppe was less strictly treated, but must daily police annoyances suffer, cross-examined over its handling, their exchange of letters, is over persons information give, and is not not safe of its remaining. Ms von Meysenbug is the sister of my wall neighbour, the envoy of Baden, who is to have contributed very much to the fact that her one did not wait here -

p. 246f. Wednesday, which 9 June 1852. was treated [... ] the Schullehrer=Versammlung in Gotha, with which Diesterweg courageously spoke, and Friedrich Froebel with honor, makes the Minister of Raumer large annoyance. They do not drive their nature unhindered and uncontradicted nevertheless, this arbitrariness = and force Ministers! [... ]

p. 252 Wednesday, 16 June 1852. In Magdeburg with all booksellers for Dulon' writings one looked up. The Ministers and the police are on the name Dulon quite madly, the Minister of Raumer also still on the name Froebel. [... ]

p. 266 Friday, 25. June 1852 [...] From Liebenstein is received the message that Friedrich Froebel in Marienthal to 21. In the evening died [... ]

p. 277 Saturday, 4 July 1852. [... ] the elector newspaper giebt one wackern, articles in honours Friedrich Froebel's and quite to Schanden stupid Secretaries of cultural affairs of Raumer.

p. 405 Monday, 8 November 1852nd [... ] read in Asseburg's memorablenesses; Froebel' things, magazines.

vol. 10, Hamburg: Hoffmann & Campe 1868

p. 260 Sunday, which 11 September 1853. [... ] the Minister of Raumer has verbally explained, it does not want to worry about the Froebel' kindergartens no more, it would like their Spielereien to drive, which he does not want to prevent, but if they continued to go, then it for them the play will spoil; also they are not to make with the name Froebel so broad, are suited themselves once not! The man sees thus nevertheless finally the fact that he useless-shows himself made too broad and vollstaending blamirt? But instead of this honestly to confess, he blamirt himself, which miserable yielded! -

p. 327f. Sunday, 30 October 1853 attendance of Mrs. von Marenholtz; them are already three weeks here, were however ill. It brought the summer in Thuringia too, in the Froebel' institutes. In Austria the kindergartens find to favoured input, the minister of education count von Thun are whole for it; the count von Deym intended hundredthousand guldens for the establishment of an educational establishment, fifty thousand for a weekly paper, which is to serve the same purpose. How the Prussian Secretary of cultural affairs of Raumer must be ashamed! Austria more enlightened, more free-intimately than Prussia! - messages over the Dr. von Buchhausen from Westphalen, which wants to set up a new philosophy, - and thoerichter way with Manteuffel and Raumer around permit-take the liberty applies to be allowed to hold public lectures. It maintains with Froebel's opinions to correspond whole - [...]

vol. 13, Hamburg: Hoffmann & Campe 1870

p. 200 Sunday, 26 October 1856. Attendance of Mrs. Bertha von Marenholtz, who was not I for some years seen, her in the meantime in England and France, in which Switzerland, and has everywhere its Froebel' thing with success operated and spread, particularly in Paris, where them were eighteen months, which Ministers and several clergyman, particularly the cardinal of routes won, then in addition, rich protestanten for the thing; the kindergartens do not prosper all to places only here,! -

vol. 14, Hamburg: Hoffmann & Campe 1870

p. 178 Sunday, 26 October 1856. Attendance of Mrs. Bertha von Marenholtz, who was not I for some years seen, her in the meantime in England and France, in which Switzerland, and has everywhere its Froebel' thing with success operated and spread, particularly in Paris, where them were eighteen months, which Ministers and several clergyman, particularly the cardinal of routes won, then in addition, rich protestanten for the thing; the kindergartens do not prosper all to places only here,! -

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