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Menschenerziehung, 1826
Friedrich Froebel's classic "The Education of Man" edited by Jeffrey Stern and published in 1996

Mutter Und Kose Lieder: 1844 Edition
edited by Jeffrey Stern and published in 1996

Practical Guide to the English Kindergarten: 1858 Edition
F. Froebel J. Ronge B. Ronge with and introduction by Jeffrey Stern published 1996

Inventing Kindergarten
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Inventing Kindergarten
by Norman Brosterman, Kiyoshi Togashi (Photographer)

A unique insight into the world of Friedrich Froebel's Kindergarten. In words and pictures, his garden for children is revealed in all its ninteenth century glory. The famous gifts and occupations are photographed and explained. Were they the inspiration for the art and architecture of the twentieth century? The visual evidence is compelling.

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Froebel Kindergarten
Jeanne Spielman Rubin published 1999

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