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Rosina Roos

Letters to the Friend of Children and Humanity

Rieder Ingelheim, August 19, 1844

Most esteemed Mr. Froebel,

I received your notes along with your correspondence on August 17. It is with the greatest of pleasure that I write you that the Small Children's School is now going better than was to be expected.

Rev. Pastor Georgi understood well that they bore the guilt for the unpleasantries which took place, and they no longer permit themselves to say anything against the educational activities and games of the children. Neither do they forbid them, as they did in the beginning. They cannot do it either, as the parents are so content when they recount how happy the children are to go to school. Why, they even talk still about their games and little songs when they are put to bed. The parents and other friends of children visit the school often.

The community has employed me anew starting in September for one year. The salary again will be 200 Gulden, which was determined beforehand, although Midday soup has been done away with, as they no longer cook there. This would be too little for food and lodging, if the customary goodness of Mr. Kotz had not been extended again. They made me the propicious offer of living in their house (even when they are not there) and also to eat for free there next summer. I am very appreciative of this goodness. For the winter I shall lodge and board at Mr.Moeser's.

I have distributed your recommendations which are being most cordially replied to.

With the utmost respect and with all good wishes for a fortuitous journey I remain most sincerely your,

Rosina Roos

translated by Johannes Froebel-Parker, from the German "Mein Lieber Herr Froebel!, Briefe an der Kinder und Menschenfreund"

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