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Wow! You are becoming a god-like figure over here at the college. Of course you may create an Ireland section. To that end I will take the time to inform you about another innovative programme we have here. The Froebel College Programme in Family Management and Communication. This programme is a one or two year certificate or diploma course for parents and anyone interested in children's welfare. It is the only such course sponsored by a college of education in Ireland and has a unique format. Participants take weekly classes, participate in workshops, and engage in study at diploma level to become group leaders. You may list me as the academic coordinator of the programme if you wish. We are proud of our new programmes and here are 2 more: Post-Graduate Froebel Diploma for Resource Teachers Post-Graduate Froebel Diploma in Early Childhood Education Both of the above are 18 months courses of study for qualified primary teachers in Ireland. They combine taught course content with on-going, mentored action research in the classroom. Designed for the practicing teacher, each course is modularised and compatible with full-time employment. Both courses are approved by Trinity College Dublin and count as credit towards an M.Ed. degree from that institution. Lastly, the Froebel College is currently engaged in a three year research study on the effectiveness of the creative arts in reducing violence and aggression among children from designated "disadvantaged" schools in Ireland. This programme is part of the MUS-E European Union project originally sponsored by Lord Yehudi Menuhin. Working artists, i.e. dancers, visual artists, actors, and musicians teach children in schools while attending lectures at Froebel College in child-centred education, classroom management, and the unique learning needs of the maltreated child. The research will be disseminated at international level. So Bruce, perhaps you are sorry you asked, but we have developed lots of new programmes and would be delighted if you would include them on your website. Many thanks, all for now, david Bruce, we at the college are overwhelmed by your thoughtfulness and generosity. On behalf of our President, Sr., Darina Hosey, O.P. I thank you. She will contact you directly I am sure. Anything at all would be appreciated. Certainly a gift is a terrific start, they have none of their own, I bring the college set with me when I go as do other lecturers. Books are desperately needed and a set of Froebel's writings in English would be a God-send as that is the core philosophy underpinning the entire programme. Up to now we have been able to provide only the Leibschner book along with photocopied articles. So books are badly needed. I will await word from you. By the way , did you get the attachments about the journal? I look forward to visiting you on my next trip to the states (sometime this year) and sincerely hope you can make a visit to us one day. Warmest Regards, david We have just begun a new journal here entitled "The Froebel Ireland Journal of Child-Centred Education". We are soliciting manuscripts so perhaps you will make note of it on your website. We will have info on it in detail when our new website is launched. We are also launching the Froebel Ireland Society (FIS). Incidentally, "Fis" is the Irish word for "vision" so we think this a most apt title. Membership is open to all and details will be announced on the website. We hope to launch these 2 new initiatives in April, to celebrate Froebel's birthday! June is too late for us, all our students are either gone or in exams, it is not possible to plan any sort of activity of any kind during June. The college is also offering a post-graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education, based on Froebel educational principles, in Kenya. I can send you more info if you with to include it on your website. Well Bruce, I am quite happy to hear of your interest in our Kenyan project. We currently have a group of 13 experienced early years educators involved in the 1 year dip programme. Some of the participants are extremely high profile educationalists and business people in East Africa. All share a common vision: re-inventing early years education from a rigid, academic-oriented process to a child-centred model. We expect to graduate our first group next August. I have been both affirmed and encouraged, even inspired, by the energy and sacrifice our participants have made to engage in this programme. Kenya is in horribly hard times with a corrupt government and a loss of nearly all international monetary funds as a result. The GNP is now at minus .05%! Yet the teachers are struggling hard to transform a system and they recognise clearly that the way to re-build a nation is to properly educate young children. We are proud of our work. I am the course director and have travelled twice to Nairobi and Mombassa to start groups. Myself and my colleagues are not being paid any professional fees whatever for our work. Our partner in Kenya, Amicus School, owned by Joyce Marangu, pays for our airfare and places us in host family accommodation while working. Amicus School charges fees only to cover costs. The project is entirely non-profit. Amicus School have few resources and are trying hard to create a resource centre for early years educators in Nairobi. We have provided them with a few books and some videos. At the present time that is all they have! Any sort of donation related to Froebel education would be helpful. Here at Froebel we do not have the financial resources to provide more at this time. I would love to get them a set of the gifts and some Froebel texts, a basic set at least. I am exploring funding sources through the Dept. of Foreign Affairs and the Irish National Teachers' Organisation but it is a rather drawn-out process. Anyway, I appreciate your offer. I will not make a solicitation from you but rather just ask that you be guided by your own spirit and love of Froebel as we are here. If you wish to make contact with Joyce please email her at: and tell her we have communicated. I will be in touch soon with more Froebel Ireland news. We are a small college that seems to have been asleep too long. We are not trying hard to raise awareness of the good work we do. Look out for our website as it will open eyes to a world of dedicated Froebel educators on a small island off the coast of the UK-Ireland. Lastly, you are welcome to come and visit us should you ever get the chance. Just let me know. Best wishes, david

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