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A post-graduate diploma in Early Childhood Education, based on Froebel educational principles, is being offered in Kenya by Froebel College, Ireland.

The current group of 13 experienced early years educators will complete the one year diploma programme in August 2002.

These 13 Kindergarten teachers have been recently joined by a larger group of special education teachers who will pursue a Froebel Diploma in special needs teaching. Both groups work together on projects and action research, while attending different lecture content by the staff from Dublin.

All the participants share a common vision: re-inventing early years education from a rigid, academic-oriented process to a child-centred model. These teachers are working to transform a system and they recognise clearly that the way to re-build a nation is to properly educate young children.

"I have been both affirmed and encouraged, even inspired, by the energy and sacrifice our participants have made to engage in this programme." says David Carey, the course director who has set up groups in Nairobi and Mombassa.

Books are desperately needed and a set of Froebel's writings in English would be a God-send as that is the core philosophy underpinning the entire programme.

The project is entirely non-profit. The partner in Kenya is the Amicus School, owned by Joyce Marangu. Amicus School has few resources and is trying hard to create a resource centre for early years educators in Nairobi. Any sort of donation related to Froebel education would be helpful.

For additional information contact:

David J. Carey, Froebel College of Education, Sion Hill, Blackrock, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Phone: +353 (0) 1 2888520. Fax: +353 (0)1 2880618. Email:

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