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Froebel star
I would like to make this three dimensional star with my students for the Christmas tree. Who would know how this star is constructed? Where would I find a description of the process of making it? - This attractive star is made by folding four strips of paper. Visit Juergen Koeller's Homepage for full instructions with diagrams.

Where can I find a knitting pattern to make the ball on a string, the first gift? Meg

I am writing a report on Froebel's views on social participation using games and songs. Michelle Mcintosh Scotland

Where can I find pictures of Friedrich Froebel for my project? There are two images on this page

I am studying for a degree in Education at Froebel College (Roehampton Institute) and as part of that I am doing a module on the history of education. Of course Froebel plays a part in this. I am mainly interested in how he taught geography and the outdoor methods that he used ie walking along river beds following maps. If anyone has any links to web pages on this topic or knows of any fantastic books with information I would be very glad to hear from you. Cath

I am currently studying Froebel as part of my Diploma course in Child Studies. Could anyone e-mail me if they know of any schools in New South Wales, Australia that are very influenced by Froebel. thanks a million! Cindy

From 4th to 17th August 1999, two teachers from Barcelona will visit villages and cities where Fröbel lived and worked. We would like to contact people interested in Fröbel at each site. Marta Mata

I am writing a book on 11 historical figures of early childhood and would like to know where I could get an image of the grave stone of Froebel with the sphere, cylinder and cube. Jennifer Wolfe

There are more images of the gravestones at this web site, the pictures are linked to larger copies.

Hello, from St. Louis, Missouri, USA. A few years ago, while taking a history of St. Louis class, the instructor told us about the origins of kindergarten in St. Louis. The founder of St. Louis kindergartens was a woman named Susan Blow, who studied Froebel's kindergartens in Germany. I could swear that the instructor told us that a Helen Froebel, a relation to Freidrich, cam to St. Louis to assist Susan Blow. No where have I been able to find any information to substantiate this fact. Currently I have a bet with friends that I am right. Do you have any information on a Helen Froebel. I would be indebted to you if you have any information to share. Karen Wittmayer

Please could you forward on to me the Ten Common Principles of Froebel's Pioneers as I cannot find them listed on the internet site, many thanks for your help in this urgent matter.

This question isn't easy to answer, because Froebel never compiled a readable system of his pedagogics. In which context did you come across the "ten principles"? I think the ten principles are a compilation of his pupils like Eleonore Heerwart. I've never found a compilation of ten principles of education in the original writings of Froebel. Winfried Mueller

Froebel Institute in London or Froebel College in Dublin may be able to assist.

I am a graduate student studying the effects of full day kindergarten vs. half day kindergarten. Your site has been a terrific help in establishing the history of kindergarten. Do you know of any other sites that would help my research? I greatly appreciate all of your hard work. Christine Marchand

update - Thanks for your help. I am getting some interesting facts on this topic. Currently the U.S. Department of Educatiopn has a 5 year longitudinal study that began this school year. That should be interesting. I'll let you know what else I can find. Christine Marchand

I was just reading about Fröbel and the history of kindergarten in Finland. I'm currently teaching in a school for special children and thought that it would be interesting to make the Fröbel blocks in woodcraft classes. I've heard a lot about those blocks but never had a opportunity to play with them. That's a shame but now when I have graduated both preschool teacher and masters programeme in Education I do have an opportunity to do what ever interests me. Mikko Tiihonen

I came across the autobiography of Bertrand Russell and noticed, that Fröbel has not only been inspiration for architects etc. but allso for philophers. Russell writes about going to kindergarten where influence of Froebel was found. It must have been one of the first Froebel kindergartens in England. Russell writes little about positive experiences in the kindergarten and him learning to read in there. For close information see: Russell, B, The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell 1872-1914. George Allen & Unwin. (Chapter Childhood, and of course I have forgotten the refering pages -) Greetings from snowy Finland, Mikko Tiihonen
PS. I finally got my hands on the original Froebel Blocks.

Please could you send me some information about any Froebel Kindergarten's in the UK? Also are there any internet sites about any Froebel Kindergartern's with online Kindergarten prospectuses for the schools? Stacey Matthews

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