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Inventing Kindergarten
by Norman Brosterman, Kiyoshi Togashi (Photographer)

Inventing Kindergarten
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A unique insight into the world of Friedrich Froebel's Kindergarten. In words and pictures, his garden for children is revealed in all its ninteenth century glory.

The famous gifts and occupations are photographed and explained. Were they the inspiration for the art and architecture of the twentieth century? The visual evidence is compelling.

A Child's Work: Freedom and Guidance in Froebel's Educational Theory and Practice
by Joachim Liebschner

A Child's Work
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Friedrich Froebel said,

"A child's play is his work"

This book presents a full account of this cornerstone of Froebel's philosophy. A firm believer in guided play as the most important learning tool for young children, Froebel was the inventor of the Kindergarten and the founder of the first teacher training college for women.

Joyful Learning in Kindergarten:
by Bobbi Fisher, Don Holdaway

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This book demonstrates how to link student centered theory and practice in the preschool and kindergarten classroom with routines, activities, and strategies for promoting natural learning. Daycare providers, preschool teachers, preservice and inservice kindergarten teachers, curriculum specialists, parents, administrators, homeschoolers, indeed anyone committed to nurturing in our children the joyful satisfaction of real thought and action will find this book essential reading.

Smart Moves: Why Learning Is Not All in Your Head
by Carla Hannaford

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Physical activity is essential for learning.

A neuroscientist explains why and gives simple physical exercises that can increase anyone's learning power immediately. It explores brain development, neurological effects of TV, nutrition, stress, and causes of the growing plague of learning disabilities.

Squish, Sort, Paint & Build: Over 200 Easy Learning Center Activities
by Sharon MacDonald, Rebecca Jones (Illustrator)

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Children learn by doing.

This resource for parents, early childhood teachers, children's museum directors, and child care workers includes over two hundred activities for learning centers. Organized into sections which include art, clocks, music, science, manipulatives, and dramatic play, the activities are recommended for appropriate age levels. The book also lists necessary materials and directions for each activity.

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