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150 anniversary of the death of Friedrich Froebel

If three hundred years after my death
my method of education shall be completely established according to its idea, I shall rejoice in heaven. Friedrich Froebel

second Froebel gift

21 June 1852

without a struggle and without pain ended a life dedicated to humanity and childhood. Friedrich Froebel was the friend of children and the apostle of child happiness. Baroness von Marenholtz-Buelow recalled all she was told about his death and funeral. Ernst Luther created the first grave stone to the design of Wilhelm Middendorf.


was one of the first vocational training institutes for women. At Marienthal women were trained to become the educators of the human race. As mothers and teachers, they carried his ideas around the world.


in events around the world to commemorate the creator of Kindergarten. The Froebel Gallery was pleased to support the performance of a work for harpsichord, didgeridoo and Australian bush sounds on Friday 29 June 2001, at the City of London Festival. A CD of this work will be released during 2002.


the ideas of Friedrich Froebel and how they have shaped our world. His writings have been translated into many languages and have influenced the way we think about children and education. Artists and architects around the world have been inspired by the Froebel Gifts and Blocks

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